With support from the Walmart Foundation, the Sustainable Homes for the 21st Century project (ihome21) educates students about technologies and approaches that substantially reduce the environmental "footprint" of residences in modern America while maintaining the modern conveniences we value. The project employs interactive, relevant applications of science to engage students in introductory courses with interdisciplinary content from environmental science, physics, biology, chemistry, and geology.

For primers on sustainable approaches for conserving water and energy in modern American homes, please see the curricular resources page. For active learning exercises on topics relating to sustainable homes, visit the activities page.


For questions and/or additional information about Sustainable Homes for the 21st Century project (ihome21), please contact:

Matthew Laposata, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Science
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
Kennesaw State University

David Rosengrant, Ed.D.
Associate Professor in STEM Education
University of South Florida, St. Petersburg