Be a Worksite

What does it mean to be a worksite?

  • Oversee the VISTA's work and give structure to the VISTA's day to day assignments
  • Making clear community staekholders and organizational staff understand the VISTA's role in the project well before they arrive
  • Ensuring organzational staff's understand of the VISTA's role
  • Targeting the community stakeholder's expectations for the project and the VISTA
  • Providing needed resources, a helathy and safe work environment (e.g., reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities), and supplies needed for the VISTA to successfully complete his or her assignment
  • Anticipate the needs and reactions of the VISTA and those with whom the VISTA comes in contact while working on the project
  • Must not require VISTA to perform duties that would cause them to sustain injuries.
  • The duties assigend to the VISTA cannot supplant those of paid staff or existing volunteers

Benefits to the worksite

VISTAs make a 40 hour per week, one-year commitment to alleviate poverty in a particular community. VISTAs:

  • Serve as a catalyst and change agent
  • Mobilize community resources
  • Increase the capacity of the low-income community to achieve its goals
  • Ensure that the project activities can be sustained at the end of VISTA service
  • Fulfill the VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) *see sample VADs
  • Follow the rules and guidelines in the VISTA Member Handbook.

How to Apply

Once opened any interested campus based and community organization/business are asked to complete KSU VISTA Network Application.

After the reveiw process is completed candidates for a potential worksite(s) will be selected. The committee will request the candidates to submit a “Concept Paper” (based on a set of instructions provided by the CNCS State Office) that describes your proposed project. It should demonstrate how your project:

  • Helps people overcome poverty
  • Complements your organization’s current activities in this area
  • Leads to organizational capacity building
  • Is an appropriate use of VISTA resources

Whan the concept paper is approved as a worksite, the orgnaization or campus department will be invited to work alongside the KSU VISTA Network to submit an application to the VISTA Network. The application allows for more details about the proposal, including a project plan that contains goals, activities, and outcomes.


  • AmeriCorps VISTA Members VISTA members work on projects that help organizations develop sustainable programs to eradicate poverty and serve as catalyst for change. VISTA members are assigned to projects that assist organizations in the following:
    • Research and apply for new funding sources, including grants
    • Recruit and train long-term community volunteers
    • Establish and cultivate new partnerships with donors, media and community stakeholders
    • Design and implement databases for keeping track of donors and volunteers
    • Create templates for outreach and event planning
    • For other sample VISTA activities see:  VISTA 101:Understanding VISTA
  • Each worksite must insure the VISTA members working on their project receive and/or have access to the following during their year of service:

    • The necessities to complete their assignment, such as office space, computer, printer, email and internet access, telephone, and consumable office supplies
    • Service-related transportation – transportation other than what is needed to get to worksite every day
    • Onsite orientation and training
    • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities