Evaluation Information

The United States Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) requires an external evaluation of First in the World grantee activities. Kennesaw State University hired WestEd-Atlanta as the external evaluator for the Transfer Advocate Gateway (TAG) Program. WestEd is responsible for ensuring the Transfer Advocate Gateway Program’s evaluation meets What Works Clearinghouse Standards of Evidence. The external evaluation will use a randomized controlled trial to report the effects of the Transfer Advocate Gateway program on the retention, persistence, and graduation of transfer students at Kennesaw State University.

External Evaluation Team

Daniel Bugler: dbugler@wested.org

Jenna Terrell: jterrell@wested.org

Joseph McCrary: jmcrar@wested.org

Kathryn Grogan: kgrogan@wested.org

Meet the Evaluators

  • Dan Bugler

    Dan Bugler

    Dan Bugler is a Senior Research Associate for WestEd and the Content Lead on Great Teachers and Leaders for the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center. Bugler specializes in quantitative analysis and evaluations of educational programs. Currently, Bugler leads a team evaluating the implementation of the Maryland Department of Education’s (MSDE) new teacher and principal evaluation system. Bugler has co-authored two evaluation reports that MSDE has used to refine implementation strategies. Bugler is also designing studies to study the validity of Teacher evaluation systems for Maryland and Pennsylvania.

    • Jenna Terrell

      Jenna Howard Terrell

      Jenna Howard Terrell is a Research Associate in the Evaluation Research Program at WestEd. Her responsibilities include evaluation and research study design, instrument development and administration, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and data visualization for the Program’s evaluation and research projects. Terrell serves as the Project Coordinator for the evaluation of two federally funded First in the World grants, where she oversees large-scale randomized controlled trials and is responsible for quantitative data collection and analysis.