Transfer Advocate Gateway

This program is no longer recruiting students and is set to end December 31st, 2019. 


Funded under the First in the World Program (FITW) by the US Department of Education, the Transfer Advocacy Gateway (TAG) Program serves underrepresented students from two-year institutions who are seeking to transfer into a Kennesaw State University. The TAG Program offers participants with academic support and personal attention and TAG students will have the opportunity to sharpen their academic skills, develop a support network of students, faculty and staff, and become an OWL by getting familiar with KSU and its resources.

Our target population will include students from underrepresented backgrounds transferring with an Associate's Degree. TAG Enrollment Service Specialists (ESS) will only be assigned to Chattahoochee Technical College and Georgia Highlands College.

After transferring to KSU, TAG Graduation Coaches will facilitate the curricular and co-curricular activities.

       Program Benefits:

        · Access to Enrollment Services Specialists that assist students in planning for transfer to KSU

        · Access to a Graduation Coach to assist with transition and graduation

        · Learning Communities

        · Peer mentor program

        · Career and major selection assistance

        · Workshops and events